Thursday, December 6, 2007

Loose Ends

The polls have closed. On the dreams issue, 6 voters do not remember their dreams. That leaves a tie between anxiety dreams/ one damn thing after another, and some other way. On the terrorist issue, "I feel threatened by Islamic terrorists" was solidly trounced, 72% to 27%. Remember, if you give in to fear, then the terrorists have won! Thanks, though; you have confirmed my suspicion that more of my friends live in Ron Paul's America than Tom Tancredo's.

To participate in another poll (Who is more famous, Stephen Jay Gould or Michael Jackson?), see pictures of my lizards, and take the "What is my daemon" quiz, go to Cindi and Mary Beth's Holistic Enneagram Agency. We have 17 posts already!
There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments for the Republicans have better mental health post: Is mental health defined by being able to sincerely describe oneself as happy, and also not be driving other people around you crazy, or do you also have to be a productive member of society?
Also, a friend of mine went to a party last night and talked to people about dreams. He reports that "it was uniformly tolerated and in most cases enthusiastically embraced." He did "follow Beje's 3 sentence rule pretty carefully though." Good work, Beje.

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Cindi said...

The link to the Enneagram Agency doesn't work. Can you fix it?
Also: we don't seem to have a Michael Jackson vs. Stephen Jay Gould poll up yet. Wanna make one?