Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Happiness Project is already working for me

This morning I visited The Happiness Project (the site referenced yesterday.) The post for today is entitled Try to do one nagging task each day, or better yet, avoid having a nagging task. I tend to let tasks pile up in a big way, so upon reading that post I decided to stop everything (i.e. surfing and blogging) until I'd completed a task. It was to simply be cleaning out the lizard cage, but my eyes didn't have to stray far before I realized that cleaning my desk would lead to greater happiness. Now I've cleaned the desk, cleaned out the drawers, changed the months on the wipe-off calendar and changed the lizards' dirt. So far, no happier, but I have hope that the happiness will build as I continue to see the clean desk. I needed to do it anyway, so, the Happiness Project blog's still working for me whether this makes me happier or not.


Scott said...

"Try to do one nagging task each day, or better yet, avoid having a nagging task."

I avoided one nagging task, quite successfully I might add, by not getting lizards. As a result, my lizard upkeep needs are truly kept at a minimum. I recommend this approach to all other lizardless people everywhere.

joseph said...

(sigh)...time to change the lizard.

beje said...

Scott has a good plan, I think. Complete one nagging task a day. Pretty soon, nagging tasks would no longer be a problem. Usually completion of the nagging task is nowhere as awful as thinking every day that you still had that nagging task waiting on you, and in some cases growing. I'm going to begin today. Thank you, Scott. The worms will get new bedding today.