Sunday, November 25, 2007

Answer to the Tortoise Question

The poll has closed; 3 voted yes and 2 voted no on the question of whether tortoises swim.

The correct answer, Joseph's answer, is 'no.' So the "crowd" was wrong on this one (although it was essentially a tie.)

Joseph told me that tortoises do not swim, and that people find box turtles and throw them into Lake Hickory to save them and they sink like rocks and drown. Too heavy. Also, turtles have flipperlike feet and tortoises have dry, stumpier feet.

To confuse matters, some tortoises are able to swim -- but not most. Most drown.

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Joseph said...

Hi. Just found out that box turtles do know how to swim, but do so poorly. And although if you were to toss one in a pond, it would be to its doom, box turles in nature have been known to swim in the shallows of ponds. (Would be cute to see anyway) So, sorry for misinformation.

Gotta love the turtles!