Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why you should never tell anyone your dreams; and, one damned thing right after another

Once while reading a book about dreams I came across the theory that you should NEVER tell anyone your dreams. Why? Because by doing so you were giving them power, because they could see what your unconscious mind was thinking, or if not, their unconscious could, or if not, it thought it could. And since you didn't understand your own dream content, you didn't know what you were telling them.

I shared this theory with my mom, who said, "No, you shouldn't share your dreams because it's boring."

You've been warned.

I am going to recount a part of last night's dream as an example of what I mean about one damned thing right after another. And problem solving. Some of the problems are italicized:

"So there I was, returning from my trip across the south that entirely avoided Kentucky. And had to buy a dress for a fancy occasion. Anxiety! Will I find a good one and can I afford it? I selected several to try on. I started looking through Sarah Jessica Parker's closet but knew I couldn't just take one of hers, because she'd miss it (which would be shameful) and plus, it'd be too high-fashion and wouldn't look right on my body type. So there I was, starting college. I had already missed several of the first few classes. I was trying to go to the classes and figure out how to make up the work. I was standing in line to talk to one of the teachers. I overheard in line that in the English class, our assignment was to write about Why we like the home football team (presumably it was the Titans, but I don't actually remember the team's name.) I thought "Whoa, they're really trying to make this easy for MBTI S's, aren't they?" I wondered whether it'd be ok if I wrote about why I DIDN'T like football, since I don't, or whether I had to learn to like football over the weekend so I could write the essay. I figured I'd better ask. I got in a different line to ask that teacher. When I got to the front, I needed a form which I didn't have, and had to search in my purse and show them my driver's license. I asked her and the actual topic was not football: it was to write a paragraph, in the form of a non-rhyming poem, about why I like hanging around with introverts. Easy! I do like hanging around with introverts. But a paragraph? This class is too easy. I should be in a much harder class. Wait a minute! I already have a bachelor's degree. Why do I have to take freshman English again? I'd better tell them so they can put me in a more advanced class."

I have failed to completely capture the confusion and the sense of continual shifting of problems. But other than that, this is pretty typical. I woke up this morning thinking "That was a good one." But then realized that nothing really good happened except that I'd enjoyed the trip across the south and I was kind of looking forward to some of the classes. And of course, I enjoy problem solving.

So I am going to create a poll. Think about your own dreams and whether they are usually a constant stream of problems with you trying to solve them and/or making logical sense out of them, or whether they are some other way.
The picture is the winning design of last week's episode of Project Runway. Sarah Jessica Parker was the guest judge and chose this design to be mass produced as part of her line of clothing.


Cindi said...

Some thoughts:

1. Your mom is wrong; other people's dreams are fascinating.
2. My dreams are often like what you described -- shifting problem sets that never fully get resolved. Your dream reminded me of one I had, which was typical, that I was back in my hs calculus class. And I was trying to rationalize that I was there because I was taking it over so maybe I could get an A in it this time, until I remembered that a. I did get an A in it, and b. since I have graduated from college, it is pretty implausible that I would be back in high school.
3. I wonder of these types of dreams are more typical of the type of people we are, personality-wise, like head types, for instance. Would like to do some dream analysis across e-gram types.
4. This is exactly the kind of dress Sarah Jessica Parker WOULD like. Anyone who is not anorexically thin will look like a blob in it. Plus, how could the girl sit, stoop, or bend her knees even a little bit at all and not expose her panties? Wearing this dress would give me an anxiety attack. It is the stuff of nightmares.

BethTH said...

I agree with Cindi about the dress, and I also agree that your mom is wrong. I'm intrigued by other people's dreams.

While I occasionally have problem-solving dreams of the type you describe, I frequently have another type of dream, which has a story line and is much like watching a movie. These are third-person dreams; I'm watching them from a distance, not participating, even though there is usually a character whose emotions and motivations I experience. I have described a few of those on my website (under "About the Author" and "Dream Journal")if anybody wants to take a peek at the inner workings of the mind of an enneagram "2."

Incidentally, I think the idea of comparing the dreams of various enneagram types is awesome.

Mary Beth said...

To Mom: See, I told you dreams are interesting.

To Beth: You need to post your website so we can go look at the parts you reference.

Scott said...

I think that the degree of fascinatingness of someone else's dream is directly correlated to how interesting you find that person.

For example: Uma Thurman. She is hot but a bad actress that doesn't seem exceedingly bright and therefore doesn't seem very interesting to me. Therefore, in spite of her hotness, I don't have much interest in what she is dreaming. If I slept with Uma Thurman, it would be fun and all, but I would have no interest in the dream recounting likely to occur the morning after.

I suspect that that is likely the reason things ended badly between she and Ethan Hawke, too.

How come I never remember my dreams? I envy you lucky dream rememberers. Are my dreams just too boring to be recalled?

Scott said...

Also, Mary Beth's dream WAS kind of boring for me the first read-through, but the second read-through made it more interesting.

It strikes me that the "problems" in the dream aren't really such terrible things, especially the second half where they consist of things like "this class is too easy" and how to move up to a more advanced class. And writing a paper about "why I love the home football team" is hilarious and preposterous but not really troubling, exactly.

Does anyone think it is possible that dreams are just random electrical firings that take place in our brains at night, like tiny little seizures, and that they don't actually represent the unconscious mind or anything terribly meaningful. I know a lot of neurologists and psychiatrists think that now.

Mary Beth said...

Maybe one of the reasons I dreamed we had to write about why we love the home football team is I really do wonder why they love the home football team.

Yes, I have heard that maybe dreams are nothing meaningful and just random firings and the odd thing is that idea, which seems sort of obvious in retrospect, had never occurred to me before.

I'm so glad my dreams are finally getting the attention they deserve.

joseph said...

I will have to admit that even though I find MB to be a very "interesting" person I have definitely lost interest during more than one of her elaborate dream descriptions. I'm not sure if that says something about her dreams or my attention span, but I think it has something to do with the amount of specific details of her dreams that she remembers. Personally, I rarely remember my dreams and if I do it's usually just certain bits of it and often something very mundane like...Hey, I dreamed I was making a sandwich.

This is not the case with MaryBeth.

I did like the Butthead dream a lot though. And, I don't want to sleep with her...or Ethan Hawke.

Mary Beth said...

Hey, way to use the "unnecessary" quotation marks.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth has pointed out that the URL I typed into the little "identify yourself" box does not post with the message. So, if you want to access the Dream Journal on my website, the web address is


P.S. My practically perfect husband Mike says he doesn't remember his dreams either.

MB's Mom said...

Exactly,Joe. When MB verbally shares a long, highly detailed account of her latest dream, we zone out before she has finished. The written account was much more concise and therefore more entertaining. MB, what on earth are you eating or drinking before you go to sleep?

Though I can rarely remember my dreams, they are more like movies. The characters are often people I recognize, but they are going by other names, as actors do. Sometimes I'm an observer. Sometimes an actor. I'm rarely disturbed by the dream. Sometimes they are funny and I wake up laughing. Have never had a recurring dream, or am unable to remember them. Can only remember having two bad dreams in my life, and I'm 65.

Dress ugly. Shoes uglier. Any body parts showing would have to be extremely attractive. Not for the masses, that's for sure.

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