Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is Science Based on Faith?, Part 2; and, Writing a Blog

So I've been writing a blog for a week now. Tonight I found Technorati, which is a search engine for blog posts that grants your blog authority based on how many blogs link to yours (and how important those blogs are.) I am starting another blog on the Enneagram in two days, and that one can link to this one and then maybe I can get an authority rating of 1 (my current rating is 0.)

While on Technorati, I discovered that the blogosphere is all abuzz with how the Paul Davies article on Science and Faith is a load of BS. I'm glad it wasn't just me. Here is my favorite, entitled Turtles Much of the Way Down.


rusnash said...

I like the picture, it reminds me of Yertle the Turtle.

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