Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A tank full of friendly turtles

Today my Mom, Dad and I visited the Catawba Science Center's aquarium. They had a large display of North Carolina turtles. All the turtles had been donated and were former pets, and they were very friendly and we were encouraged to touch them. Joseph, the aquarium employee, showed us that the males had long fingers and fingernails and the females' fingers were short. He said he regretted that there were only two females in the tank and lots of males, because the females got too much attention.

I was able to ask him two turtle questions I'd been wondering about.

1) Are turtles' shells sensitive or not? I recently watched the movie About a Son, essentially a glorified interview with Kurt Cobain. Cobain (enneagram 5w4) said that people thought that turtles' shells were numb but actually they were sensitive. I asked Joseph, who told me that they are numb. (I mention Cobain's enneagram type because his was a very 5w4 comment.)

2) Can tortoises swim?

Here is your chance to vote. Don't look it up. Just guess. When five people have voted I will reveal Joseph's answer.


steve said...

I vote that tortoises cannot swim.

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